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A bunch of thank yous

Jeff Goodwin

Launching Oakland Flag Co. has been a humbling experience.  As a newcomer to the small business world, there were countless elements of this process that I underestimated, neglected, or simply couldn’t do on my own.  

The following folks were instrumental in helping turn this idea into a reality.  They offered the guidance, expertise, and services I needed to get this company going.   A huge thanks to everyone on the list and anyone else that played a roll in making this happen. 

Hiroko, Sabrina, & Win @ 25th St. Collective - for offering immeasurable sewing wisdom, access to resources, and constant support.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more inspiring and supportive group of sewers/businesswomen.  

Nick @ Nick Dunlap Design - for making the branding (and this here website) look so damn good, and his willingness to talk through any decision, regardless of whether it was within his area of responsibilities.  

Dan & Kevin @ Forward Printing - for embracing a non-traditional job when other printers wouldn’t.

Josh @ Actual. - for answering all of my felt-related questions and patiently dealing with an onslaught of file issues. 

Lauren Veen - for letting me borrow her sweet camera, and then letting me keep it way longer than initially anticipated. 

Michelle @ Fastsigns - for her grommeting expertise and connections in the large format printing world 

Denise Gaudreau (my mom) - for initially teaching me how to sew, but mostly for reteaching me all the stuff I forgot.  

Eo, Lauren, and Mel - for allowing me to take over their space with OFC-related supplies, acting as a constant focus group, and transportation assistance just to name a few.