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Oakland Flags on 99% Invisible

Jeff Goodwin

Image from  Random aside - check out their record breaking Kickstarter campaign. 

Image from  Random aside - check out their record breaking Kickstarter campaign. 

If you’ve never listened to the 99% Invisible podcast you’re in for a treat.  For anyone who finds design or architecture interesting, this is the program for you.  The 99% Invisible team is based out of Oakland, so as a Bay Area resident you’ll have the added pleasure of hearing lots of local tidbits.

Roman Mars and his crew have mastered the art of finding fascinating stories that hide within the seemingly dull built world around us.  So much of what we interact with on a daily basis was designed a specific way for a specific reason, yet we rarely stop to think about why.  

My favorite episodes up until this month focused on revolving doors, highway design, and the history of jaywalking.  The reason I say up until this month, is because the November 11th episode focused  on flag design and included a shout out to the Oakland flag.  It was a quick feature, but it made my week nonetheless. 


PS I subsequently discovered that there was another podcast on flag design in the early days (before I got hooked).