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If we’re going to make Oakland flags you better believe we’re going to make them in Oakland.  Would it be cheaper and easier to outsource them from some monolith in Asia?  Absolutely, but that’s not the point.  We’re about making the highest quality flags, and doing it in Oakland. 



It all started with a failed search for an Oakland flag.  I eventually gave up on my quest to buy my flag-loving friend a present, but the questions kept nagging me - if the city has a beautiful flag, why is it so hard to find and why doesn’t anyone make it locally? 

Fabric and sewing were a household staple growing up.  Even before running a fabric store, textiles were always my mom’s passion.  Although she didn’t expect me to ever pursue a sewing-based career, it was non-negotiable that I knew how to sew well.  Thanks to that foundation and a belief that other Oaklanders will be proud to fly their city’s flag, the Oakland Flag Company was born. 

Jeff Goodwin
Owner, Oakland Flag Co.



This company is built on the idea of making high quality goods in Oakland and not cutting corners in the name of profit.  We value:

  • Keepin' it local – Our top priority is keeping every possible element of production in Oakland.
  • Hiring our neighbors – Paying Oaklanders good wages and taking care of our people.  
  • Using the good stuff – Always considering ecological footprint and durability in every purchasing decision we make. 
  • Build it to last – if it’s not made to the highest quality standards, we won’t sell it.  


How Our Flags are made

All of our flags are cut, sewn, and finished in Oakland.  We use a couple different techniques to add the ‘text and tree’ (insider terms) to the field (flag vocab!).  

  • Appliqué – a fancy French word that means we cut the ‘text and trees’ out of fabric and sew them on top of the field.  It’s as durable as it is classy. 
  • Printed – an economical option that uses screen printing (just like your favorite t-shirt) to add the ‘text and trees’ as a layer of ink. 
  • Glued - for the smallest of our products, like the mini pennant flags, the 'text and trees' are glued on using a permanent fabric adhesive.