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Returns Policy

Flags for Life

No matter how well constructed or cared for, all flags will eventually reach the end of their working lives.  Fortunately, retirement is good to Oakland Flag Co. flags.  

Send back any OFC flag in need of replacement from wear and tear and you'll get 50% off a new flag.  For life.  Simple as that. 

Oakland Flag Co. 
82 9th St.
Oakland, CA 94608

Returns Policy

Quality is serious business at OFC.  If you find any issue with the quality of your flag we'll replace it, fix it, or offer a refund.  

Please do keep in mind that slight variation is the nature of hand-crafted goods.  We're proud that we aren't a giant factory pumping out identical widgets, and we hope you'll embrace the character that comes from small-scale production.  We make no promises that our goods will exactly match the photos or other products.